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Table 1 Medline (OVID) search strategy

From: Fertility and contraception among women of reproductive age following a disaster: a scoping review

disasters/ OR disaster planning/ OR strategic stockpile/ OR mass casualty incidents/ OR medical countermeasures/ OR exp Natural Disasters/ OR exp Climate Change/ OR (natural disaster* OR public health emergenc* OR climate change OR global warming OR (extreme ADJ2 weather) OR (extreme ADJ2 temperature*) OR (extreme ADJ2 heat) OR earthquake* OR drought* OR flood* OR hurricane* OR storm OR storms OR tornado* OR (volcan* ADJ2 erupt*) OR wildfire* OR wild fire* OR terrorist* OR bioterror*).ti,ab.


Pregnant Women/ OR Pregnancy/ OR pregnancy, unplanned/ OR exp contraception/ OR exp pregnancy complications/ OR Abortion, Spontaneous/ OR (pregnant OR pregnanc* OR contraception OR contraceptive* OR Plan B OR IUD* OR condom* OR LARC OR birth control OR family planning OR abortion* OR reproductive health OR reproductive age OR fertility OR birth rate* OR births).ti,ab.

Limit to English and Spanish; 1980 -; Abstract available