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Table 1 Procedures with blood samples

From: Congenital transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi in Argentina, Honduras, and Mexico: study protocol

Time of extraction Source Blood sample Tests to perform Storage requirements
Birth Umbilical cord 15 ml EDTA Stat-Pak. -
T. Detect,  
ELISA*, Filter paper 4°C, Plasma -20°C*
PCR* 10 ml Guanidine 4°C*
Umbilical cord 5 ml heparinized Parasitological examination* Max 6 hours at 4°C
Before hospital discharge* Maternal, venous in all (+) subjects 15 ml EDTA Stat-Pak, -
T. Detect,  
ELISA, Filter paper 4°C, Plasma -20°C,
PCR 10 ml Guanidine 4°C
Follow-up visit at 4–8 weeks after birth* Infant, venous, or heel stick 2 ml heparinized, 6 capillary tubes (ideally), or at least one capillary tube Parasitological examination Max 6 hours at 4°C
Siblings, finger prick 10 μl Stat-Pak -
  100 μl ELISA Filter paper 4°C
Follow-up visit at 10 months after birth* Infant, venous or heel stick or digital puncture 3 ml EDTA, or at least one Eppendorf EDTA tube and one filter paper Stat-Pak, -
T. Detect,  
ELISA Filter paper 4°C, Plasma -20°C
  1. *If at least one rapid test on cord blood is positive.