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Table 1 Factor load of the final form of the IWEVDS’s subscale-total score and Cronbach’s alpha

From: Development of a scale for determining violence against infertile women: a scale development study

Items 1 2 3 4 5
My partner threatens me with divorce because I am childless. 0.82     
My partner abstains from kissing and touching me because I am childless. 0.80     
My family abstains from giving me property rights because my disability hinders the reproduction of my family. 0.77     
My partner thinks on getting married to a fertile woman since I can’t have children. 0.76     
My partner abstains from having sex with me because I am childless. 0.75     
I am exposed to kicks, fists, and slaps because I am childless. 0.70     
My partner abstains from visiting his family together with me because I am childless. 0.67     
My partner does not say words of love to me because I am childless. 0.58     
My partner says humiliating words to me concerning my sexual performance because I am childless (incapable, frigid etc.) 0.58     
I sometimes get humiliated in front of others because I am childless. 0.57     
Despite my unwillingness, I get insisting requests to visit some relatives who have children. 0.55     
I am excluded by people around me because I am childless.   0.77    
I am not greeted because I am childless.   0.72    
I am pointed out as “the childless woman”   0.66    
People gossip about my childlessness.   0.61    
People around me consider me as disabled and guilty.   0.53    
Because of my inability to reproduce, comments concerning my womanhood, which saddens me, are made.   0.52    
People around me blame me all the time because I am childless.   0.50    
I am exposed to heavy punishment such as tough housework because I am childless.    0.68   
Any kind of failure that I have is associated with my disability to bear a child.    0.66   
People give me nicknames related to my disability to bear (infertile, castrated, unproductive etc.)    0.58   
People sometimes do not invite me to family reunions that include children.    0.58   
Despite my unwillingness, my partner insists on having sexual intercourse in order to conceive all the time.    0.54   
Even though I am not the reason for the infertility, I am under pressure to tell other people that the disability belongs to me.    0.52   
I am exposed to curious questions such as “When will you give a birth?”     0.78  
In order not to be exposed to curious questions, I have to tell lies or give evasive answers.     0.78  
Despite my unwillingness, I am forced to eat some food which is believed to facilitate conception (honey, hazelnuts, restoratives, ram’s testicles)     0.70  
Despite my unwillingness, I am exposed to several traditional practices which are thought facilitate conception (imam prays for a couple in order to break a spell etc.)     0.54  
I am compared to fertile women all the time.      0.66
I am held responsible for/being accused of any random misfortune in life because I am childless.      0.56
I am not allowed in decision-making mechanisms in my family.      0.52
The rates of explanations of variants (%) 23.6 15.2 13.1 12.4 7.7
Croncbach’s alpha coefficient 0.94 0.89 0.91 0.81 0.80