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Table 2 Perceptions on modern contraceptives among married women aged 15–49, Adigrat town, Northern Ethiopia, January 2012 (n = 591)

From: Intention to use long acting and permanent contraceptive methods and factors affecting it among married women in Adigrat town, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Statements regarding perceptions on modern contraceptives Level of agreement
Agree, n (%) Neutral, n (%) Disagree, n (%)
Your husband supports LAPMs use 478(80.9) 44(7.4) 69(11.7)
Child-spacing protects mother’s and child death 585(99.0) 5(0.8) 1(0.2)
I have access to choice of all methods, and facilities with competent providers 552(93.4) 28(4.7) 11(1.9)
Providers can be trusted to maintain confidentiality, to advise on method use and side effects 530(89.7) 40(6.8) 25(3.6)
I can discuss about FP with spouse or convince spouse to use contraceptives 556(94.1) 20(3.4) 15(2.5)
Husband decides if wife wants to use contraceptives 171(28.9) 45(7.6) 375(63.5)
Contraceptives can harm a woman’s womb, LAPMs can be very dangerous 155(26.2) 103(17.4) 333(56.3)