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Table 3 Breakdown indicating proportions of pregnant women covered with IPTp doses for malaria based on data collected from several districts in Tanzania in different periods (2004–2010) as documented by other reporters

From: Health facility-based data on women receiving sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine during pregnancy in Tanzania: lessons to learn from a cross-sectional survey in Mkuranga and Mufindi districts and other national survey reports

Year of survey Survey team/Organization % of clients who received IPTp-1 (1 st Dose) % of clients who received IPTp-2 (2 nd Dose)
2004-2005 TDHS 53 22
2007-2008 NATNET 50 45
2007-2008 THMIS 57 30
2010 TDHS 61 26
  1. Source: NMCP, USAID-MoHSW-MAISHA Project [38].