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Archived Comments for: Maternal death after oocyte donation at high maternal age: case report

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  1. Safety for our patients seeking treatment in other countries

    Shaun Fountain, Salisbury Fertility Center

    11 February 2009

    I don't think that the age of the patient is such an issue as the transfer of more than one embryo created using donated eggs.<br>Whilst patients are at an increased risk of obstetric complications when donated eggs are used and also at increasing risk at older ages, natural conceptions do occur in older women.<br>Transferring more than one embryo is irresponsible practice.<br>As an obstetrician I have had patients returning from treatment abroad where they have had 3 or even 4 embryos transferred and higher order pregnancies resulted which, in my opinion is reckless practice and should be outlawed.<br><br>

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