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Table 2 A summary of entries into a critically ill patient's chart in the post partum period

From: Local problems; local solutions: an innovative approach to investigating and addressing causes of maternal deaths in Zambia's Copperbelt

Day one-15.15

Delivered 7 days ago

Chronically ill looking, pallor, Chest- AE down bilaterally, dull on percussion, S1, S2 normal, pus aspirated on both sides

R/O (sic.Rule out) RVD (sic. HIV)


Day 2

VCT requested- Cotrimoxazole given

Day 3

Follow up lab tests, VCT

Day 4

No entry

Day 5

Follow up lab tests, VCT

Day 6

Follow up lab tests, VCT, consider ICD, Surgeon to see

Day 7

Repeat lab tests, VCT, surgeon to see, trace lab results

Day 8

Repeat lab tests, surgeon to see, trace lab results

Day 9

Repeat CXR, follow up on lab results, surgeon to see

Day 10

R/O RVD (sic HIV), follow up lab results, VCT, repeat U/E, LFT

Day 11

FBC/ESR, Urgent HB, CXR, Surgical consultation, Lasix, CST, O2 therapy

Day 12

Surgical consultation, CXR, Trace lab results

Day 13


Day 14

VCT, RPR, surgical consultation

Day 15


Day 16

Add slow K, Prednisolone

Day 17

(Not seen in am)

Certified dead at 14.26