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Table 1 The ten key indicators of PMTCT service cascade included in the study, Jan. 2010

From: Analysis of the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) Service utilization in Ethiopia: 2006-2010

# Indicator Description
1 Estimated number of expected pregnancies Annual number of expected pregnancies in the country calculated as a proportion from the total population
2 Antenatal care coverage The proportion of pregnant mothers with at least one ANC visit during their pregnancy in the fiscal year
3 Number of PMTCT sites The total number of health service delivery outlets reported to be providing PMTCT services during the reporting period
4 Proportion of ANC at PMTCT sites The proportion of ANC attendees who received ANC services at sites providing PMTCT services
5 Proportion of mothers counseled for HIV The proportion of ANC attendees at PMTCT sites who were counseled for HIV
6 Proportion of mothers tested for HIV The proportion of HIV counseled mothers who have consented for HIV testing and known their status at PMTCT sites
7 Proportion of HIV+ mothers The proportion of HIV tested mothers whose results were reported to be reactive from PMTCT sites
8 Proportion of HIV+ mothers received ARV The proportion of HIV+ mothers who received ARV (SDNVP, combined ARV) from PMTCT sites
9 Proportion of HEI received ARV The proportion of HIV exposed infants (HEI) who received ARV (calculated as a proportion of HIV+ pregnant women)
10 Estimated number of HIV+ pregnant women Estimated based on HIV prevalence at PMTCT sites and on the assumption that the prevalence of HIV is the same for all pregnant mothers