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Table 3 Referrals. Reason for referral, compliance and final pregnancy result

From: Use of a portable system with ultrasound and blood tests to improve prenatal controls in rural Guatemala

Reason for referral N Accepted references Reference not performed Losta Resolution
Suspected pathology in ultrasound (64 patients)
 First trimester abortion 1 1    Accepted: curettage.
 Stillbirth (2nd trimester) 2 1 1   Accepted: Induction and delivery.
      Not performed: delivery in the community.
 Fetal macrosomia 1 1    Hospital birth. Healthy newborn.
 Fetal malformation 2   1 1 Not performed: 37 weeks stillbirth, delivery in the community, fetal malformations confirmed.
 Oligohydramniosb 1 1    Caesarean delivery (placenta previa). The newborn died (28 weeks).
 Polyhydramnios 2 1 1   Both vaginal delivery and healthy newborns.
 Placenta previab 3 1 1 1 Accepted: Confirmed. Caesarean delivery. The newborn died (28 weeks)
      Not performed: vaginal delivery in the community.
 Fetal malpresentation 46 18 18 10 Accepted: 18 healthy newborns.
      Not performed: 4 stillbirth
 Twin pregnancyc 7 4 0 3 View discussion below.
Reason for referral N Pregnant attended Pregnant did not attend. Losta Resolution
Other suspected causes for referral (6 patients)
 Preeclampsia 2 2    Preeclampsia was confirmed. 1 vaginal delivery and 1 caesarean. Both healthy newborns.
 Chronic hypertension 1    1 Lost: EDD later to data collection.
 Positive screening testc 3 3    Negative confirmatory tests.
 Age: 12 years old 1 1    Caesarean delivery due maternal age
  1. aExpected delivery date (EDD) later to data collection, one case didn’t attend to the scheduled control
  2. bReference of a 28 weeks pregnant with 2 diagnosis: suspected oligohydramnios and placenta praevia
  3. cReference of a pregnant women with suspected twin pregnancy and positive serological screening test