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Table 1 Intervention components and evaluation strategies

From: Moving from legality to reality: how medical abortion methods were introduced with implementation science in Zambia

Strategic component Type and frequency of monitoring and evaluation
Health systems Summary service statistic data from logbooks abstracted for each abortion and PAC procedure
Facility assessments with key informants completed at baseline and endline at each facility
Individual provider interviews (N = 104) at baseline and endline
Individual client exit interviews at endline: 906 immediately following the MVA procedure or the initiation of MA and 356 at follow-up visit 7–10 days afterwards
Pharmacy orientation Individual baseline and endline pharmacy interviews, 55 before training and 53 at 12–18 months post-training
Baseline and endline mystery client visits to pharmacies at each participating pharmacy at baseline (N = 76) and at endline (N = 85)
Community engagement and mobilization Quarterly activity reports from each of the eight CBOs reaching more than 36,000 community members
Randomized household surveys with 568 respondents at baseline and 744 respondents at endline