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Table 4 Belief and attitudes towards abortion services (% of agree)

From: Providers’ perspectives on denial of abortion care in Nepal: a cross sectional study

Statements Physician (n = 36) Mid-level (n = 70) Total (n = 106)
The needs of a patient are more important than the beliefs of a clinician 100 94 96
Clinicians have a responsibility to counsel patients against having an abortion 3 3 3
Every woman has the right to access safe abortion to the full extent of the law 100 99 99
Providing abortions is a positive contribution to society 89 77 81
I feel that providing abortions is morally wrong 3 4 4
I feel guilty about providing abortions 6 6 6
I do/would worry about telling people that I provide abortions 6 2
A woman who has had an abortion brings shame to her family 1 1
Women have abortions to take better care of the children they already have 67 83 77
The later the gestational age, the more sinful the abortion 11 16 14
I would continue to be friends with someone if I found out that they had an abortion 92 91 92
Most abortions could be provided under the legal ground of mental health 58 57 58