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Table 3 Main Themes and Subthemes Presented in Journal Articles (N = 160)

From: The range and nature of reproductive health research in the occupied Palestinian territory: a scoping review

Main Themes Number of articles Sub Themes
Labor/Delivery 19 Breastfeeding, Cesarean Section,Childbearing, Childbirth
Stillbirths, Amniotomy, Vaginal Examination during Birth
Contraception 16 Family Planning, Fecundability, Fertility
Postnatal Care 16 Breastfeeding, Pregnancy Intentions, T. Vaginallis, Postnatal Services, Postpartum Depression
Antenatal Care 14 Antenatal Services, Pregnancy Intentions, Cytomegalovirus, Early Pregnancy, Herb Use, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Risk Factors, Preterm Birth, Toxoplasmosis, Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
Gender-based Violence 13 Domestic Violence, Political Violence, Sexual Abuse
Reproductive System Cancers 11 Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cancer Mortality
STDs 10 Chlamydia, HCV, HIV, Infertility, T. Vaginallis, AIDS, HBV
Infertility 9 Adolescence, Genetics, IVF, Genetics, Ovarian Hyperstimulation, PCOS
Maternal Morbidity 9 Anemia, Gestational Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOS, Preeclampsia, Maternal Deaths, Diabetes
Health Information, Communication and Education 6 AIDS, Health Awareness, Health Education, Maternal Education, Maternal Health
Marriage 6 Consanguinity, Early Marriage
Congenital Disorders 4 Beta-Thalassemia, Congenital disease
Quality of Services 4 Antenatal Services, Childbirth, Maternal Near Miss, Mortality Data, Postnatal Services
RTIs 4 Chlamydia, Pregnancy infections, T. Vaginallis, HPV
Miscarriages 3 Miscarriages, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Nutrition 3 Herb Use, Iron Supplements
Preconception 3 Family Planning, Genetic Counseling, Genetic Testing
Gender and Rights 2 Premarital Law, Never Married Women
Psychosocial Services 2 Maternal Health, Mental Health
War and Conflict 2  
Adolescents Reproductive Health 1 Sexual Risk
Menopause 1 Midlife
Never Married Women 1 Mortality Patterns
Service Delivery and Coverage 1 Quality of Antenatal Care