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Table 2 Survey inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Fertility, Migration and Acculturation (FEMINA): a research protocol for studying intersectional sexual and reproductive health inequalities

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
1. Age – women aged between 18 and 49 years old and men between 18 and 54 1. People living in institutionalized households or collective residences:
 • hospitalized
 • incarcerated
2. Born in Portugal or in Cape Verde 2. Living in Portugal for less than 1 year
3. Both parents born in Cape Verde (for those born in Cape Verde) or both parents born in Portugal (for those born in Portugal) 3. Persons who are not reachable by telephone
 • without a valid telephone number
 • not reachable after seven attempts
4. Able to give consent to participate 4. Persons who cannot understand and/or answer the questionnaire:
 • due to a psychiatric condition
 • due to a severe hearing impairment
 • due to cognitive impairment