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Table 2 Reproductive characteristics of the women, Kersa district, eastern Ethiopia

From: Predisposing, enabling and need factors associated with skilled delivery care utilization among reproductive-aged women in Kersa district, eastern Ethiopia

Variables (n = 1294)FrequencyPercentage
Age of marriage
 < 18 years111486.1
 ≥18 years18013.9
Age at first pregnancy
 ≤ 20 years115589.3
 >  20 years13910.7
Birth order
Birth outcome of the last child
 Live full term127598.5
 Live preterm120.9
History of stillbirth
 No stillbirth119992.6
 Had stillbirth957.4
History of abortion
 No history of abortion120092.7
 Had a history of abortion947.3
History of infant death
 No history of infant death103079.6
 Had a history of infant death26420.4
Pregnancy intention for last birth
ANC use (at least one visit)