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Table 3 Skilled delivery care utilization among respondents, Kersa district, eastern Ethiopia

From: Predisposing, enabling and need factors associated with skilled delivery care utilization among reproductive-aged women in Kersa district, eastern Ethiopia

Skilled delivery care for previous pregnancies (n = 1059)
Skilled delivery care for the recent pregnancy (n = 1294)
Place of delivery for the recent pregnancy (n = 1294)
 Government hospital715.5
 Government health centre30623.6
 Government health post171.3
 Private hospital/clinic30.2
 Other (e.g. on the road)70.5
Reason to prefer that facility for delivery (n = 397**)
 Close to where I live19448.9
 Helpfulness of health workers7919.9
 High-quality services9122.9
 Little or no expenses215.3
 Other reasons123.02
Person attending the care at the health facility (n = 397)
 Health officer112.8
 Health Extension Worker133.3
Who made final decision to deliver at the health facility (n = 397)
 Your husband8621.7
 Jointly with your husband4511.5
 Health Extension Worker4110.3
 Your parents143.5
 Women’s Development Army leader51.3
Who accompanied to the health facility (n = 397)
 Women’s Development Army leader5012.6
 Health Extension Workers205.0
 Traditional birth attendants5313.4
 No one328.1
Birth preparedness (n = 397)
 Don’t remember61.5
  1. **The total number of respondents who delivered at a health facility. The number of women who received skilled care from either a (doctor, nurse/midwife, or health officer) is 398 regardless of the place of delivery. The number of women who were assisted with skilled personnel within a facility is 384. [Birth preparedness: An advance preparation and planning for birth by the woman and her family]