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Table 4 Referral, prior plan for facility birth, and complications during delivery among women in Kersa district, eastern Ethiopia, 2017

From: Predisposing, enabling and need factors associated with skilled delivery care utilization among reproductive-aged women in Kersa district, eastern Ethiopia

Referral to a higher facility (n = 397)
Prior plan for health facility delivery (n = 397)
 Don’t know71.8
Presence of complication during delivery (n = 1294)
 Don’t know30.2
Type of complications during delivery* (n = 94)
 Severe bleeding2829.8
 Severe headache2526.6
 High fever1212.8
 Loss of consciousness1313.8
 Labour lasting > 12 h3436.2
 Placenta not delivered 30 min after the baby1414.9
 Other (abdominal pain and severe vomiting)22.1
Place where complication developed (n = 94)
 Health facility2930.9
 On the way to a health facility22.1
Sought assistance for complication during delivery (n = 94)
Future choice of delivery (n = 1294)
 Health facility76459.0
 No plan for pregnancy16612.8
Recommend facility delivery to friends (n = 397)
  1. *Does not sum up to total due to the possibility of multiple responses