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Table 2 Association between exposure to FGM and signs and symptoms suggestive of eclampsia occurring in a pregnancy in the previous twelve months, Mali 2006, n = 3658

From: Is female genital mutilation associated with eclampsia? Evidence from a nationally representative survey data

TotalYes, n (%)cOR95% CIaOR95% CI
No FGM33116 (4.8)1.01.0
Just nicked (type I)1674 (2.4)0.50.2––1.6
Flesh removed (type II)3092166 (5.4)1.10.7––1.9
Genital area sewn closed (type III, infibulation)40748 (11.8)2.81.5––4.6
  1. cOR: Crude Odds Ratio; aOR: Adjusted Odds Ratio for maternal age, residence, wealth, maternal education, access to ANC, and parity