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Table 1 Guiding questions for adolescent interviews

From: Parent-child sexual and reproductive health communication among very young adolescents in Korogocho informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya

1. Do you know any of your girl/boy friends that really like someone in a ‘romantic’ or ‘special’ way?
a. [If yes]: What happened? Did s/he let the person know? How so?
b. What do you call this kind of relationship?
c. Can you tell me what happens in such a relationship?
2. Within the last year or so, have you liked someone in a “romantic’ or special way?
a. [If yes]: Can you tell me a little bit about him/her?
b. How would you describe your relationship [a boyfriend, girlfriend, etc]?
c. [Narrative]: Can you tell me about when you realised that you liked him/her in a ‘romantic’ way? What was the situation? What happened? You can start with for instance, where were you?
[Note: if the adolescent does not have a boyfriend/girlfriend, ask them to tell a story about one of their friends who had a romantic relationship].
3. How do you think your mum feels [or would feel] about you having a boyfriend/girlfriend? How so? What about your dad, how do you think he feels [would feel]?
a. Have you discussed with your parent about your boyfriend/girlfriend?