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Table 2 Types of intimate violence on reproductive age women during COVID-19 pandemic, Aksum town, 2020 (n = 682)

From: Intimate partner violence against reproductive age women during COVID-19 pandemic in northern Ethiopia 2020: a community-based cross-sectional study

Violence type Question items Frequency (%)
Psychological violence Has he insulted you or made you feel bad about yourself?
 No 615 (90.2)
 Yes 67 (9.8)
Has he belittled or humiliated you in front of other people?
 No 638 (93.5)
 Yes 44 (6.5)
Has he done things to scare or intimidate you on purpose?
 No 671 (98.4)
 Yes 11 (1.6)
Has he threatened to hurt you or someone you care about?
 No 632 (92.7)
 Yes 50 (7.3)
Physical violence Has he slapped you or thrown something at you that could hurt you?
 No 653 (95.7)
 Yes 29 (4.3)
`Has he pushed or shoved you?
 No 657 (96.3)
 Yes 25 (3.7)
Has he hit you with his fist or with something else that could hurt you?
 No 673 (98.7)
 Yes 9 (1.3)
Has he kicked you, dragged you or beaten you up?
 No 681 (99.9)
 Yes 1 (.1)
Has he choked or burnt you on purpose?
 No 680 (99.7)
 Yes 2 (.3)
Has he threatened to use or actually used a gun, knife or other weapon against you?
 No 682 (100.0)
Sexual violence Has he physically forced you to have sexual intercourse when you didn’t want to?
 No 670 (98.2)
 Yes 12 (1.8)
Did you ever have sexual intercourse when you didn’t want because you were afraid of what he might do?
 No 658 (96.5)
 Yes 24 (3.5)
Has he forced you to do something sexual that you found degrading or humiliating?
 No 682 (100.0)