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Table 4 Forecasting Difficulties: Mitigation Strategies

From: The perinatal bereavement project: development and evaluation of supportive guidelines for families experiencing stillbirth and neonatal death in Southeast Brazil—a quasi-experimental before-and-after study

  Difficulties Strategies to mitigate them
1 Participants may display strong emotions, such as sorrow, despair, anger, etc Interviewers will be prepared for these situations and will interrupt and reschedule the interview if necessary
2 Participants may feel emotionally uncomfortable to share their experiences and feelings regarding the loss of the baby, since they are mourning The questionnaire is very detailed and the fundamental information to understand the assistance is based on yes/no questions
3 Health care professionals may be experiencing grief in their lives. Also, bereavement situations may trigger previous feelings related to losses that happened in their professional or private lives. This might compromise or limit the assistance The Bereavement Professional will pay close attention to this problem and may support the professional and/or reorganize the staff and substitute this member
4 The maternity ward might not have the resources to follow the new guidelines for perinatal bereavement Limited resources are addressed by this project. It is possible to adjust them accordingly
5 Professionals and employees may feel some discomfort or find the guidelines morbid The Reference Professional will help the professionals and the staff adjust to the new routine. More adapted professionals may join the staff to help transition
6 Difficulties regarding continuous care after hospital discharge The professional from Regional Health Department XIII (Woman Health) will follow up on the implementation of the project and will address this problem
7 The maternity ward does not want to share data (women’s telephone numbers, emails, etc.) The Project management staff understand that in the event the maternity ward does not want to share data, it may be included in the staff training, but not in data collection. Training and data collection are not imbricated