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Table 2 Presentation of data collection in PRECISE database

From: The PRECISE (PREgnancy Care Integrating translational Science, Everywhere) database: open-access data collection in maternal and newborn health

Icons in PRECISE (DHIS2)aTiming of data collectionApplicable modules
Screening (eligi-bility & data collection (each visit)(Study or setting-specific)
PRECISE visit 1• General visit information
• Baseline demographics and social determinants of health
• Past medical and obstetric histories
• Nutrition
• Current pregnancy details
PRECISE visit 2• General visit information
• Current pregnancy details
Other ANC visit (each)• Current pregnancy details (basic)
Birth (labour and delivery, maternal and baby outcomes)• Labour and delivery
• Maternal and newborn outcomes
Presentation with placental disease (any visit)• Details of placental disorders
Laboratory results (any visit)(Relevant to all modules at any visit)
  1. a The REDCap interface has a ‘select event’ list