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Table 4 Summary of sample types collected in PRECISE

From: PRECISE pregnancy cohort: challenges and strategies in setting up a biorepository in sub-Saharan Africa

Sample typeCollection tubeAliquotsStorage
BloodEDTABlood spotRoom temperature
EDTAWhole blood−80 °C
EDTABuffy coat−80 °C
EDTAPlasma−80 °C
SerumSerum−80 °C
Urineno treatmentUrine−80 °C
Urine sediment−80 °C
Vaginal swabCopan eSwabTE buffer−80 °C
Dacron swabProtease inhibitor−80 °C
Placenta, fetal membranes and cordNo treatmentPeripheral biopsiesSnap frozen
Central biopsiesSnap frozen
Peripheral biopsiesParaffin embedding
Central biopsiesParaffin embedding
Cord tissueSnap frozen
Cord tissueParaffin embedding
MembraneParaffin embedding
Heel prickNo treatmentBlood spotRoom temperature
Neonatal stoolDNA/RNA Shield tubeSwab−80 °C