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Table 1 Demographic Characteristics of Participants (N = 16)

From: Concerns and educational needs of Iranian parents regarding the sexual health of their male adolescents: a qualitative study

Age (mean ± SD)43.18 ± 4.9
Gender(N. %)
Education level (N. %)
 High School2(13)
Occupation (N. %)
Family status (N. %)
 Couple parent12(75)
 Single parent (divorce/death)4 (25)
Socio-Economic Status (N. %)
Number of male adolescents(N. %)
Adolescent’s age (N. %)
Adolescent’s grade (N. %)
 Primary High School (7th–9th)9(56)
 Secondary High School (10th-12 th)7(44)