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Table 1 Characteristics of study sample and differences by gender

From: Predictors of primary and secondary sexual abstinence among never-married youth in urban poor Accra, Ghana

CharacteristicsBoth sexes (n = 235)Males (n = 111)Females (n = 124)
Outcome variableFreq.%Freq.%Freq.%
Sexual status
 Primary sexual abstainers5222.13027.02217.7
 Secondary sexual abstainers10042.64036.16048.4
 Currently sexually active8335.34136.94233.9
Predictor variables
 Age (20–24 years)
  Mean (std. deviation)21.7 years (1.41)21.8 years (1.37)21.6 years (1.44)
 School attendance
  In school4217.92724.31512.1
  Out of school19382.18475.710987.9
 Importance of religion
  Very important17072.37870.39274.2
  Fairly important6527.73329.73225.8
 Living arrangement
  Living with parent(s)11548.95852.35746.0
  Not living with parent(s)12051.15347.76754.0
 Household SES
 Household social supportFreq.%Freq.%Freq.%
 Discusses sex with fathers
 Discusses sex with mothers
 Discusses sex with both parents
 Discusses sex with friends
 Locality of residence
  James Town13657.96659.57056.5
  1. Source: Urban Health and Poverty Survey, 2011 & 2013