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Table 1 Maternal and obstetric characteristics according to the route of administration of misoprostol (sublingual or vaginal)

From: Misoprostol administered sublingually at a dose of 12.5 μg versus vaginally at a dose of 25 μg for the induction of full-term labor: a randomized controlled trial

CharacteristicSublingual Misoprostol (n = 98)Vaginal misoprostol (n = 100)
Maternal age (years) (Mean; SD)26.56.925.96.4
Gestational age at admission (weeks) (mean; SD)38.71.439.11.5
Amniotic fluid index (Mean; SD)
Estimated fetal weight (grams) (mean; SD)3235.0392.73254.7317.4
Number of previous pregnancies (Median; IQR)11–211–2
Parity (Median; IQR)00–100–1
Bishop score (median; IQR)32–432–4
  1. SD Standard deviation, IQR Interquartile range