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Table 4 Indications for Caesarean section following labor induction according to the route of administration of misoprostol

From: Misoprostol administered sublingually at a dose of 12.5 μg versus vaginally at a dose of 25 μg for the induction of full-term labor: a randomized controlled trial

Indications for Caesarean SectionSublingual misoprostol (n = 98)Vaginal misoprostol (n = 100)RR95% CIP-value
Failed induction3434.72323.01.310.99–1.740.07**
Labor dystocia99.244.01.440.97–2.130.14**
Non-reassuring fetal heart rate33.166.00.660.26–1.690.51*
Cephalopelvic disproportion33.199.00.490.18–0.320.08**
Persistent hypertonus/hypersystole1122.00.670.13–3.361.00*
Persistent tachysystole0022.00_____0.51*
  1. RR Relative risk, CI Confidence interval, n: sample, %: percentage. * Fisher’s exact test; ** Chi-square test