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Table 1 Overview of maternal and perinatal data registration per hospital in Suriname

From: Childbirth outcomes and ethnic disparities in Suriname: a nationwide registry-based study in a middle-income country

Childbirth registryOn paperOn paperOn paperOn paperOn paper
Digitalizing of paper parturition booksSpecial secretary for this taskGeneral secretary, with other responsibilitiesGeneral secretary, with other responsibilitiesNo one; students used for this studyResponsible midwife doing the delivery
Software usedSPSSExcelAccessExcelExcel
Common reported variablesMaternal age, ethnicity, gravidity, parity, gestational age, singleton or twin, data and time of delivery, presentation, mode of delivery, indication for cesarean section, APGAR score after 1 and 5 min, sex, birth weight, length, head circumference, stillbirth, weight placenta, length of umbilical cord, rupture type, blood loss
Other variables reported per hospital
 Hepatitis BYes
 1st antenatal care visitYesYes
 Amount of ANC visitsYes
 1st ultrasoundYes
 Hemoglobin levelYesYesYes
 Blood type and rhesusYesYesYesYes
 Induction of laborYes
 Augmentation of laborYes
 Duration 3rd stage of laborYes
 Active 3rd stage of laborYesYesYesYes