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Table 2 Sexual and reproductive health knowledge, SRH needs assessment survey 2020

From: Adolescent sexual behaviour in a refugee setting in Uganda

Sexual and reproductive health knowledge Number Percent
Can one get an STI without sex
Yes 218 61.2
No 138 38.8
Know of contraception
Yes 230 64.6
No 126 35.4
Contraceptive method most suitable for young people
Hormonal (Pill/injectable) 20 8.8
Barrier (condom) 185 81.5
Traditional (abstinence/withdrawal) 22 9.7
Ever visited a health facility for sexual and reproductive health services
Yes 57 16.0
No 299 84.0
Total 356 100
  1. Three refugee adolescents who knew of contraception did not state the contraceptive method that is most suitable for young people