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Table 1 Parents’ approaches to sexuality education of adolescent boys

From: Parents’ approaches to sexuality education of their adolescent boys: a qualitative study in Ahvaz, Iran

Sub-categories Categories Theme
1. Extreme monitoring
2. Restricting access to sexual information
3. Controlling and restricting relationships
4. Keeping silent and dodging
Extreme monitoring and restriction Transition from tradition to modernity
1. Deviating adolescents’ thoughts from the sexual instinct
2. Attempt to inhibit sexual desire and experiences
3. Resorting to religion as a lever
4. scaring and warning
Abstinence as the main content of sexual education
1. Avoiding violent behavior
2. Empathy and intimacy with adolescents
3. An optimistic consideration of puberty changes
4. Strict prohibition of sexual behaviors in a gentler manner
Struggling to establish peace and achieve tolerance
1. Criticism of negative attitudes to sexuality
2. Attempt to desensitize the sexual issues
3. Avoiding extreme restrictions
4. Empowerment instead of restrictions
Criticizing the cultural taboos
1. Self-modeling for adolescents
2. Metaphorical education
3. Optimism about the adequacy of deterrent boundaries
4. Imitating their own upbringing style
Hope for spontaneous learning
1. Failure to find information about sexuality education
2. Inefficiency of religious solutions
3. Bewilderment and confusion
4. Disparity in parents’ attitudes toward sexuality education
Uncertainty and confusion