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Table 1 Standard search terms

From: Socio-cultural implications for women’s menstrual health in the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs): a scoping review

Concept number Concepts Search terms
1 Menarche and menstruation Menarche OR Menarc* OR Menstrua* OR Menses*
2 Social and cultural beliefs and practices Social* OR Cultur* OR Custom* OR Belief* OR Folk* OR Ceremon* OR Taboo* OR Practic* OR Tradition*
3 Women’s health and wellbeing Wom#n OR menstrua* OR health* OR hygiene* OR
4 Pacific Island Countries and Territories Pacific* OR Melanesia* OR Micronesia* OR Polynesia* OR Samoa* OR Cook* or Fiji* OR Guam* OR Kiribati* OR Marshall* OR Nauru* OR Caledonia* OR Niue* OR Mariana* OR Palau* OR "Papua New Guinea" OR Solomon* OR Tokelau* OR Tonga* OR Tuvalu* OR Vanuatu* OR "Wallis Futuna"