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Table 5 Correlations of sexual quality of life (SQOL-M score) with age, time since onset of genital warts, and the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) domains

From: Sexual function and sexual quality of life in men with genital warts: a cross-sectional study

Independent variable Correlation with SQoL-M score P value
Age 0.01 0.22
Education 0.27 0.004
Time since onset of genital warts 0.05 0.54
IIEF desire 0.247 0.001
IIEF erectile function 0.489 0.001
IIEF orgasmic function 0.558 0.001
IIEF intercourse satisfaction 0.45 0.001
IIEF overall satisfaction 0.374 0.001
IIEF total score 0.565 0.001