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Table 3 The changes that occurred as a result of adolescent education with peer educators

From: Secondary school students’ and peer educators’ perceptions of adolescent education in rural Tanzania: a qualitative study

Changes in peer educators I was given a role I am now called teacher
I felt the joy of being chosen by God
I wanted to gain the trust of my friends I needed to change first to teach my friends
I realized how important it is to have confidence as a teacher
I found it meaningful I felt the joy of seeing my friends change because of what I taught them
I understood that the activities I was doing were meaningful
I have many more friends to teach, so I wanted to continue
Changes that occured in students who received adolescent education from peer educators I gained the right knowledge I understood more through continuous discussion
I no longer feel anxious about secondary sexual characteristics
I felt a sense of freedom and security in being able to talk about anything
I wanted to do the right thing I gained the confidence to say no
I want to share what I was taught with other friends
I gained control over my sexual interests and desires I know what I should and should not do
I learned about negative consequences
I understand what is not necessary for me right now