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Reproductive Health

Reviewer acknowledgements

The work done by reviewers is one of the most generous contributions to science. The role of peer review is crucial for the dissemination of new findings and the continued progress of science. The list of the contributors of reviewers to Reproductive Health shows the names of prominent and generous scientists who gave us detailed and constructive reviews and revisions, which allowed us to efficiently evaluate submissions and publish high-quality articles.

We and the scientific community are very grateful for their contributions, which will improve health outcomes and quality of life in communities throughout the world.    

We consider the reviewing of articles to be a significant academic effort that should be recognized by academic institutions and included in professionals' curricula vitae. Reproductive Health publishes open peer reviews reports that can be linked to and listed in CVs.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude for the efforts of all our reviewers and appreciate your continued commitment to the journal!




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