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Table 2 Priority interventions and packages during the preconception period and before pregnancy to reduce preterm birth rates

From: Born Too Soon: Care before and between pregnancy to prevent preterm births: from evidence to action

Preconception care services for the prevention of preterm birth for all women
• Prevent pregnancy in adolescence
• Prevent unintended pregnancies and promote birth spacing and planned pregnancies
• Optimize pre-pregnancy weight
• Promote healthy nutrition including supplementation/fortification of essential foods with micronutrients
Preconception care services for women with special risk factors that increase the risk for preterm birth
• Promote vaccination of children and adolescents
• Screen for, diagnose and manage mental health disorders and prevent intimate partner violence
• Prevent and treat STIs, including HIV/AIDS
• Promote cessation of tobacco use and restrict exposure to secondhand smoke
• Screen for, diagnose and manage chronic diseases, including diabetes and hypertension