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Cross-Journal Collection
Enhancing access to and uptake of contraception in low-and middle-income countries
To celebrate World Contraception Day 2023

Cross-Journal Collection
World AIDS Day 2023


Thematic series
Global Perspectives on Reproductive Coercion and Abuse
Edited by Laura Tarzia and Nicola Sheeran

Thematic series
Understanding and supporting pregnant and parenting adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa
Edited by Caroline Kabiru, Anthony Ajayi and Lorretta Ntoimo

Thematic series
Enhancing equity through digital technologies for sexual and reproductive health in low- and middle-income countries
Edited by Ogochukwu Udenigwe

Thematic series
Potential scale-up interventions in sexual and reproductive health for adolescents in low and middle-income countries
Edited by Kathya Cordova-Pozo and José Belizán


Thematic series
Female genital mutilation/cutting
Edited by José M Belizan and Suellen Miller
Thematic series
Respectful care during childbirth at health facilities
Edited by  José M Belizan and Suellen Miller
Thematic series
Antenatal corticosteroids in low- and middle-income countries
Edited by: José M Belizan and Sunni Mumford
Thematic series
Full Access, Full Choice: Towards making family planning available to all
Edited by Anne Burke and Michael Mbizvo


Cross journal collection
Reviewer acknowledgements 2013
Collection published 26 February 2014


Cross journal collection
Open Access Africa: Showcasing African research
Collection published 5 November 2012