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  1. The new WHO model for antenatal care (ANC) focuses on improving practice, organisation and delivery of ANC within health systems, which includes both clinical care and women’s experiences of care. The goal of ...

    Authors: Hedieh Mehrtash, Karin Stein, Maria Barreix, Mercedes Bonet, Meghan A. Bohren and Özge Tunçalp
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:150
  2. Authors: Nombulelo V. Sepeng, Fhumulani M. Mulaudzi, Pfarelo Mathivha, Maurine R. Musie and Raikane J. Seretlo
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:149

    The original article was published in Reproductive Health 2023 20:120

  3. In contemporary Iran, the nation's traditional and deeply religious society is currently experiencing swift transformations in its moral, cultural, and social aspects. It is, therefore, not surprising to obser...

    Authors: Batool Bonyadpour, Raziyeh Maasoumi and Maryam Nekoolaltak
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:148
  4. To identify and synthesize the evidence regarding the facilitators and barriers relating to birthing pool use from organizational and multi-professional perspectives.

    Authors: Megan Cooper, Anna-Marie Madeley, Ethel Burns and Claire Feeley
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:147
  5. Pregnancy, and childbirth can encounter many challenges for the teen mother, family, and health system. The simultaneity of two transition periods, i.e. transition to adulthood and post-partum period may disru...

    Authors: Samaneh Youseflu, Shahnaz Kohan and Firoozeh Mostafavi
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:146
  6. Despite the frequency of abortions, one-third of medical schools in the US and Canada did not include coverage of that topic, according to a survey conducted in 2002–2005. The purpose of this project was to de...

    Authors: Catherine A. McCarty, Sarah L. Hutto and Aubie K. Shaw
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:145
  7. A longstanding gap in the reproductive health field has been the availability of a screening instrument that can reliably predict a person’s likelihood of becoming pregnant. The Desire to Avoid Pregnancy Scale...

    Authors: Jennifer A. Hall, Geraldine Barrett, Judith Stephenson, Corinne H. Rocca and Natalie Edelman
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:144
  8. Adolescent sexual and reproductive health continues to be a major public health issue in low-and middle-income countries. While many countries have policies aimed at reducing adolescent pregnancy, evidence of ...

    Authors: Bright Opoku Ahinkorah, Melissa Kang, Lin Perry and Fiona Brooks
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:143
  9. Reproductive autonomy, or the extent to which people control matters related to their own sexual and reproductive decisions, may help explain why some people who do not intend to become pregnant nevertheless d...

    Authors: Alexandra Wollum, Marta Bornstein, Gladson Mopiwa, Alison Norris and Jessica D. Gipson
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:142
  10. In Kenya similar to other countries in Eastern and Southern Africa There is a disproportionately high burden of the global HIV incidence among youth ages 15–24 years, and where adolescent girls and young women...

    Authors: Eunice Omanga, Irene Inwani, Kawango Agot, Jasmine Buttolph, Ruth Nduati, Paul Macharia, Jacob Onyango and Ann Kurth
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:141
  11. Go Nisha Go™ (GNG), is a mobile game combining behavioural science, human-centric design, game-based learning, and interactive storytelling. The model uses a direct-to-consumer (DTC) approach to deliver inform...

    Authors: Ananya Saha, Anvita Dixit, Lalita Shankar, Madhusudana Battala, Nizamuddin Khan, Niranjan Saggurti, Kavita Ayyagari, Aparna Raj and Susan Howard
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:140
  12. Woman-centered care (WCC) is the cornerstone of the midwifery profession. However, no study has been conducted on WCC provided by Iranian midwives and its associated factors. Thus, this study aimed to determin...

    Authors: Sepideh Mashayekh-Amiri, Roghaiyeh Nourizadeh, Sakineh Mohammad-Alizadeh-Charandabi, Maryam Vaezi, Shahla Meedya and Mojgan Mirghafourvand
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:137
  13. Recent studies have suggested that genital mycoplasma infections may be associated with male infertility. However, this association remains controversial due to time lapse, sample size, and regional prevalence.

    Authors: Chen Cheng, Xiangyu Chen, Yuxuan Song, Shangren Wang, Yang Pan, Shuai Niu, Rui Wang, Li Liu and Xiaoqiang Liu
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:136
  14. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the postnatal care provision aims to provide care and treatment with the highest quality and the least intervention to obtain the best health and well-being for th...

    Authors: Leila Abdoli Najmi, Sakineh Mohammad-Alizadeh-Charandabi, Shayesteh Jahanfar, Fatemeh abbasalizadeh, Haniyeh Salehi Poormehr and Mojgan Mirghafourvand
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:135
  15. Previous studies examined the effects of obesity on sperm parameters and reported inconsistent results. Thus, the present study aimed to evaluate the association between obesity and the quality of sperm parame...

    Authors: Mina Darand, Zahra Salimi, Moloud Ghorbani, Narges Sadeghi, Syavash Babaie and Mahdieh Hosseinzadeh
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:134
  16. The sexual and reproductive health needs of female sex workers (FSW) are often understudied and underserved in the context of HIV-related research in countries across Sub-Saharan Africa and West Africa. We ass...

    Authors: Nika Elmi, Nuria Gallego Marquez, Katherine Rucinski, Carrie Lyons, Gnilane Turpin, Ibrahima Ba, Nguissali Turpin, Emile Gouane, Evelyne Obodou, Daouda Diouf and Stefan Baral
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:133
  17. Despite the availability of exempted family planning services, a significant proportion of women in African countries continue to experience inadequately spaced pregnancies. To the authors’ knowledge, evidence...

    Authors: Kusse Urmale Mare, Kebede Gemeda Sabo, Ahmed Adem Mohammed, Simeon Meskele Leyto, Getahun Fentaw Mulaw, Tsion Mulat Tebeje, Setognal Birara Aychiluhm, Oumer Abdulkadir Ebrahim, Abel Gebre Wuneh and Beminate Lemma Seifu
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:132
  18. Twohundred and seventy out of every thousand live births died in Nigeria in 2019. These deaths were attributable to infections, complications of preterm birth, and intrapartum-related conditions. The World Hea...

    Authors: Francis Appiah, Kenneth Setorwu Adde, Kingsley Boakye, Justice Ofosu Darko Fenteng, Andrews Ohene Darteh, Tarif Salihu, Edward Kwabena Ameyaw and Patience Ansomah Ayerakwah
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:131
  19. Unplanned pregnancy continues to be a major public health concern in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Understanding the ovulatory cycle can help women avoid unplanned pregnancy. Though a wide range of factors for ovu...

    Authors: Betregiorgis Zegeye, Dina Idriss-Wheeler, Olanrewaju Oladimeji and Sanni Yaya
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:129
  20. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted maternal and newborn health services in Bangladesh, exacerbating the large gaps in service utilization that existed prior to the pandemic. As part of its response, Bangladesh in...

    Authors: Amirul Islam, Farida Begum, Anna Williams, Rabeya Basri, Rowsan Ara and Rondi Anderson
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:128
  21. Adolescent pregnancy remains a major global health issue, increasing the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth in mothers and babies. In Tanzania, adolescent pregnancy threatens girls’ educatio...

    Authors: Yoko Shimpuku, Naoki Hirose, Sanmei Chen, Dorkasi L. Mwakawanga, Niko Madeni, Frida Madeni, Mariko Komada, Ayaka Teshima, Mayu Morishima, Yasunobu Ando, Koji Takahama and Atsushi Nishida
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:127
  22. Previous studies have reported that after laparoscopic cystectomy of ovarial endometrioma, the ovarian response to gonadotropin (Gn) significantly decreased. However, for patients with diminished ovarian reser...

    Authors: Jiaheng Li, Yijiang Li, Mengnuo Li, Xianling Zhao, Wei Zheng, Junwei Zhang, Yuchao Zhang, Jing Li and Yichun Guan
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:126
  23. We evaluated cervical cancer program for women living with HIV (WLHIV) to determine program screening rate, primary case finder screening accuracy and treatment and post-treatment screening rate among screen-p...

    Authors: Olabanjo Okunlola Ogunsola, Oluseye Ayodele Ajayi, Temitope Olumuyiwa Ojo, Emmanuel Osayi, Kucheli Wudiri, Babatunde Amoo, Rita Ayoka-Ikechukwu, Olufemi Ojuola Olumeyan, Chukwuemeka Ifechelobi, Prosper Okonkwo and Yewande Akinro
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:125
  24. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic significantly changed the prenatal care experience, specifically regarding medical appointments and social opportunities. It is critical to capture this change through th...

    Authors: Alicia A. Dahl, Farida N. Yada, Shanika Jerger Butts, Annalise Tolley, Sophie Hirsch, Priyanka Lalgondar, Kala S. Wilson and Lindsay Shade
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:124
  25. Post abortion contraceptive use is an important area in provisioning of services associated with child birth planning. This study examines the factors related to the type and timing of initiation of contracept...

    Authors: Anjali Bansal, Arpana Kullu and Priyanka Dixit
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:123

    The Correction to this article has been published in Reproductive Health 2023 20:151

  26. Whether women should be able to decide on mode of birth in healthcare settings has been a topic of debate in the last few decades. In the context of a marked increase in global caesarean section rates, a centr...

    Authors: M. Vila Ortiz, C. Gialdini, C. Hanson, A. P. Betrán, G. Carroli and H. Mølsted Alvesson
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:122
  27. Female genital fistula, largely caused by prolonged obstructed labour, is treated by surgical repair. Preventing pregnancy for a minimum period post-repair is recommended to ensure adequate healing and optimiz...

    Authors: Alison M. El Ayadi, Hadija Nalubwama, Caitlyn Painter, Othman Kakaire, Suellen Miller, Justus Barageine, Josaphat Byamugisha, Susan Obore, Abner Korn and Cynthia C. Harper
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:121
  28. South Africa is reporting higher rates of adolescent pregnancy as compared to other countries. There are different types of interventions that are in place to address teenage pregnancy. However, these interven...

    Authors: Nombulelo V. Sepeng, Fhumulani M. Mulaudzi, Pfarelo Mathivha, Maurine R. Musie and Raikane J. Seretlo
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:120

    The Correction to this article has been published in Reproductive Health 2023 20:149

  29. Authors: Ann-Marie Hellerung Christiansen, Bjarke Lund Sørensen, Ida Marie Boas, Tariku Bedesa, Wondewossen Fekede, Henriette Svarre Nielsen and Stine Lund
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:119

    The original article was published in Reproductive Health 2023 20:91

  30. Once a mate choice decision has been made, couples that fail to reach a live birth in natural and/or intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles will likely visit fertility clinics seeking assisted reproductive tec...

    Authors: Juan J. Tarín, Eva Pascual, Miguel A. García-Pérez, Aitana Monllor-Tormos and Antonio Cano
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:117
  31. Adolescent sexual and reproductive health remains a major public health and development issue of global importance. Given that adolescents and young people are heterogenous groups in terms of many characterist...

    Authors: Sunday A. Adedini and Olusola A. Omisakin
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:115
  32. Pregnancy and childbearing in adolescence could negatively affect girls’ health and socio-economic wellbeing across the life course. Previous studies on drivers of adolescent pregnancy in Africa have not fully...

    Authors: Elita Chamdimba, Caroline W. Kabiru, Boniface Ayanbekongshie Ushie, Alister Munthali, Chrissie Thakwalakwa and Anthony Idowu Ajayi
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:114
  33. The desire for fertility is the manifestation of yearning for immortality. Infertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART) expose couples to great affective, anxiety, stress, and financial burden. Incre...

    Authors: Padideh Malekpour, Robab hasanzadeh, Mojgan Javedani Masroor, Reza Chaman and Zahra Motaghi
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:112
  34. Differing global sociocultural contexts of sexual relationships influence age at first sexual intercourse with potentially long-lasting region-specific effects such as increased risk of contracting HIV and oth...

    Authors: Valentine Sing’oei, John K. Owuoth, June Otieno, Adam Yates, Ben Andagalu, Hunter J. Smith, Nathanial K. Copeland, Christina S. Polyak and Trevor A. Crowell
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:111
  35. Evidence shows that intimate partner violence (IPV) occurs more frequently in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) than in other regions of the world. However, limited empirical studies exist on the help-seeking behaviour...

    Authors: Kwamena S. Dickson, Ebenezer N. K. Boateng, David Adzrago, Isaac Y. Addo, Evelyn Acquah and Samuel H. Nyarko
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:110
  36. Proper utilization of maternal healthcare services plays a major role on pregnancy and birth outcomes. In sub-Saharan Africa, maternal and child mortality remains a major public health concern, especially in l...

    Authors: Komlan Kota, Marie-Hélène Chomienne, Robert Geneau and Sanni Yaya
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:109
  37. Patent medicine vendors (PMVs) play vital roles in the delivery of family planning services in Nigeria and other developing countries. There is a growing recognition of the need to integrate them into the form...

    Authors: Ayodeji Matthew Adebayo, Mojisola Morenike Oluwasanu, Faizah Tosin Okunade, Olayinka Olufunke Ajayi, Akinwumi Oyewole Akindele and Ademola Johnson Ajuwon
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:107
  38. Mothers’ participation in the care of their sick newborns in Newborn Care Units (NCUs) has been linked to several advantages including earlier discharge, fewer complications, better mother–baby bonding, and an...

    Authors: Phillip Wanduru, Claudia Hanson, Peter Waiswa, Angelina Kakooza-Mwesige and Helle Molsted Alvesson
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:106
  39. Various studies revealed that adolescent girls have limited knowledge pertaining to sexual and reproductive health (SRH). The current study assessed the effectiveness of SRH education among adolescent girls in...

    Authors: G. Alekhya, Swayam Pragyan Parida, Prajna Paramita Giri, Jasmina Begum, Suravi Patra and Dinesh Prasad Sahu
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:105

    The Correction to this article has been published in Reproductive Health 2023 20:139

  40. Termination of pregnancy (TOP) is not an uncommon procedure. Availability varies greatly between jurisdictions; however, additional institutional processes beyond legislation can also impact care and service d...

    Authors: Hilary Bowman-Smart, Louise Keogh, Casey M. Haining, Anne O’Rourke, Lachlan de Crespigny and Julian Savulescu
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:104
  41. As crises occur, attention to physical health usually becomes more than mental health, neglecting mental health, especially in some vulnerable groups such as pregnant women and new mothers, can have adverse co...

    Authors: Pouran Mokhtari Zanjani, Najmeh Tehranian, Nasrin Changizi, Eesa Mohammadi, Banafsheh Farzinrad and Anoshirvan Kazemnejad
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2023 20:102

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